Care Guide

Felt Hats

Our felt hats are weatherproof, and therefore ideal to protect oneself from climatic risks. Nonetheless, if your hat comes in contact with rain, make sure to delicately drip it dry once and to lay it flat to dry at room temperature, away from any source of heat.

  • If you happen to stain your hat, we recommend steam cleaning followed by gentle brushing. Once dry, your hat will be as good as new and ready to be worn again!
  • Feel free to brush your hat on a regular basis with a small brush, that way you will keep it as clean and fresh as when you have purchased it!
  • To avoid any distortion, manipulate a hat by its crown rather than by its edges and store it upside down, shielded from the humidity.

Straw hats

Straw being a vegetable material, you will have to take care of your hat as of a plant!

  • You can moisten it with a water spray from time to time, especially if the weather is really dry. Store it like any other hat, away from the sun and indoors.
  • If you happen to stain your hat, you will just have to rub it with a dry cloth carefully, to make the stain go away without ruining the straw. You also could use make-up remover wipes, or else, for a deeper cleaning with talc and oxygenated water (make sure to test it on a non-visible part of the hat beforehand).
  • To avoid any distortion, manipulate a hat by its crown rather than by its edges and store it upside down inside the original box, shielded from the humidity

Leather bags

We chose to make our handbags in Italian Ateliers specialized in luxury and high-end so that our calfskin leather bags are to stay brand new as long as possible.

  • Leather is a naturally water-resistant material; when wet, just use a soft cloth and avoid direct heat that could damage your hat.
  • To make your companion as bright and beautiful as when you received it, make sure to hydrate it, ideally once a month! For that, take a brush gently onto the outside of the bag, then, apply in circular motions leather hydrating balm with a soft cloth.


  • Our jewelry line is entirely made out of a gold-platted structure combined with different sorts of semi-precious stones. The fine cladding of the golden jewels can be damaged with the contact of the skin. It is important to manipulate the jewelry carefully and not to use a hard cleaning.
  • To keep your jewels as good as new, make sure to take care of it and to clean it periodically. For that, nothing simpler: take a soft cloth humidified with soapy water or a mix of water and domestic alcohol to rub it carefully, then rinse it and dry it with a clean cloth.