D’ESTRËE’s philosophy revolves around a balanced mix of history, modernity, quality and overall excellence. The latter is found in every step of the creation process, from the sketch to the picking of the material and the selection of milliners we are partnered with. The entire process is one in which our hat designer and our milliners have put all of their heart and soul into.

High-end Rabbit Felt Hats…

The first artisans and hatters traditionally manufactured their felt from goat or camel hair, or from woolen garment. It’s in the 1730s that the idea of utilizing rabbit felt came about, which allowed to make luxury hats of a much higher quality. It’s the latter technique that is used by our partner hat makers, who we have selected for you based on their unique skillset and local manufacturing.


Handcrafted hats…

Distinguished by their meticulous and expert work, the milliners and passionate artisans partnered with D’ESTRËE work on each piece devised by the creators in the most intricate manner by hand. The felt is manufactured from rabbit hair which has been treated prior in order to generate a unique and high-end hat.

Founded 25 years ago, our milliners shape and manufacture hats individually, by hand, and with the greatest care. The felt is firstly prepared and humidified with vapor, then moulded on aluminium. The following step, historically referred to as “castorinage” in French, creates a woolen effect in order for the hair bristles to emerge. Shaving and brushing come next, before the hats are reworked by hand.

In terms of sewing, all finishing touches are made in their « atelier » located on Paris’s « Rive Gauche », historically home to intellectuals, rebels and artists, from Piaf to Picasso. Birthplace of the typically Parisian sartorial style, the Parisian Rive Gauche hosts a plethora of chic boutiques and luxury department stores.


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