SONIA Green Earrings


Infused with artistic references, this jewelry line is graphically simple.
These earrings stand out thanks to their asymmetrical and bicolorful shapes.
The stone is semi- precious Jasper from Africa.
We chose highly noted artisans to work with us .
These golden plated earrings are hand made in Paris.

In keeping with the rest of the collection, D’ESTRËE now enters the jewelry arena.
Infused with artistic references,this jewelry line was inspired by shapes from daily life, surroundings of Geraldine’s art studies.

Each bag, hat or jewels collections is named after famous painters, sculptors, performers, photographers or designers that have marked the History of Art. This earrings get its name from the artist Sonia Delaunay.

Graphically simple, they stand out thanks to their asymmetrical and bicolor shapes. After sourcing the finest stones, Geraldine has chosen highly noted artisans to work with on each step of the creative process. This earrings’ semi-precious stone is an African Jasper.

“I grew up around art catalogues and, when I was very young, I had the opportunity to be moved by museums and Art Gallery all around the world, explain Géraldine Guyot. Thanks to this, I developped a new sense of colors and assemblages. Today, art is an integral part of my life and constitutes D’ESTRËE’s DNA.”

These gold plated earrings are made in Paris

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