SONIA BIG Pink White Earrings



These SONIA earrings are made of gold-platted brass. Here, associated with pink quartz and white jade, the finish look will be perfect for summer. The asymmetrical touch of the upside-down detail adds to the unique design.


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The French paintor Sonia Delaunay is the inspiration behind these earrings. Indeed, it is the artist’s unique expertise in mixing the colors that Géraldine tries to deliver through her creations. After buying the most unique semi-precious stones, we have chosen renowned craftsmen to work by hand the materials. These earrings are the perfect mix of shapes and colors.

These SONIA earrings are a combination of gold-platted brass and semi-precious stones, here pink quartz and white jade. What makes them so special is the upside-down detail that creates all the asymmetry, D’ESTRËE’s trademark.

The SONIA earrings are also available in other colors. Please find them down below

Made in Paris


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