Brown Straw Hat GERHARD Pink Rope


This GERHARD Canotier is a flat-brimmed hat. Its brown natural straw is embellished with a pink gros-grain ribbon and matching rope that make all its edgy vibe.


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This brown straw hat was made in Paris from natural straw, then trimmed with a pink grosgrain ribbon and matching rope.

This brown straw hat can be worn in all circumstances and is an eye-catcher thanks to its original colour, perfect for summer.

ESTRËE loves artists and tells them so. Thus, each of the collections of bags, hats or jewellery is named after painters, sculptors, performers, photographers or designers who have marked the History of Art. In addition to representing a consequent part of ESTRËE’s DNA, Art is a passion for the creator.

Here, the designer has named this hat in homage to the German artist Gerhard Richter. Indeed, his work and his artwork are real sources of inspiration for D’ESTRËE. Unique in its kind, this canoeist, is distinguished by its new and remarkable shape. This is also why it is characteristic of the painter and his works. It is revisited by D’ESTRËE for a more modern and contemporary rendering. At the crossroads of two legendary shapes, this hat is an intriguing mix. Indeed, it retains the famous cap of the Porkpie as well as the very flat edges of the Canotier.

At D’ESTRËE, we put quality and know-how at the heart of the hat-making process. Indeed, they are handmade by our renowned hatters. Thus, we meticulously follow the manufacturing circuit where every detail is patiently monitored for a top-of-the-range quality.

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Made in Paris

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