GERHARD Black Green Rope Canotier


The Gerhard Canotier hat has flat and 8cm long brims.  His naturel straw is furnished of a black grosgrain ribbon and a green rope.

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This Canotier is made of natural straw and 8cm long brims. His naturel straw is lined with a black grosgrain ribbon and a green rope.

One of a kind, this shape was picture by D’ESTRËE. At the intersection of two legendary shapes, the Canotier is an intriguing mixture that preserves the famous Porkpie cap as well as the Canotier’s flat brims.

For this collection, D’ESTRËE’s hat designer instinctively turned to her passion for art and chose to celebrate and honor her favorite contemporary artists. This hat was named after the artist Gerhard Richter.

D’ESTRËE, brand of high-end hats, classic and modern at the same time, promote the wearing of this legendary fashion accessory.

Since its launch in 2015, D’ESTRËE has made a mark with its colorful and refined hats. In 2017, the brand enters a new phase of expansion by launching its first line of bags. D’ESTRËE’s designer Géraldine Guyot has always been fascinated by accessories – designing hats was the first step in her creative journey. Now, she brilliantly enters the leather goods arena.

The Gerhard hat is also available in other color : clic here

[:fr]Guide des tailles [:en] Sizing information

[:fr]Déterminer votre taille de chapeau est très simple : vous devez prendre la mesure de votre tête en utilisant un mètre. Mesurez votre tête à l’endroit même où vous voulez placer votre chapeau (généralement 1 cm au-dessus des oreilles).

Nos tailles vont du XS au L.
XS = 55 S = 56 M = 57 L = 58

Si votre mesure tombe entre deux tailles, nous vous recommandons de choisir la taille directement supérieure. Par exemple, si votre tour de tête mesure 55,5 cm, nous vous suggérons de prendre le modèle en S, qui correspond à 56 cm.

[:en]Determining your proper hat size is very simple; you must take a measurement of your head using a tape measure. Make sure you measure your head in the exact area in which you would like to place your hat (generally 1cm above your ears.)

Our sizes range from XS to L.
XS = 55 S = 56 M = 57 L = 58

If your measurement falls between two sizes, we strongly recommend that you opt for the next largest size. For instance, if your hat size is 55.5 cm, we suggest that you select that model in a size S which is equal to 56 cm.

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