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These Sonia multicolored earrings are singular and modern creations with clips. The multicolored stones bring originality to these gold-plated brass earrings.

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The Sonia multicolored earrings are singular and modern creations with clips. These multicolored earrings are the result of collaboration between our Parisian workshops and semi-precious stones. These colorful earrings are the result of this collaboration. Here, graphic design of the gold-plated brass alloy and the use of bicoloured stones are a sign of elegance and lightness.

By choosing renowned craftsmen as well as semi-precious stones, our designer pays tribute to the work of the artist Sonia Delaunay. These asymmetrical gold-plated earrings are the result of a work of colors and shapes just like the art of Sonia Delaunay. Between bright colors and geometric shapes, the artist mixes painting and decorative objects. Sonia’s vision influences our designer and is reflected in our range of jewellery. These earrings are made from semi-precious stones in our Parisian workshops. Pure and light, they will be the essential element to finish your style as the seasons go by.

After having established herself in leather goods and hats, our artistic creator decides to launch her range of jewellery in 2018. Consequently, Géraldine’s universe and her love for contemporary art influence her creations for an asymmetrical, singular and graphic result. Our products are transformed into true colorful, modern and everyday art objects that will accompany you throughout the seasons. By mixing love for art and accessories, D’ESTRËE makes art accessible to all thanks to its various creations.

“Your outfit can be very simple, the accessory will always give it a cachet” confides Géraldine. Indeed, for her, the accessory is an essential element of a daily or evening outfit. Thanks to the accessory, your personality asserts itself. The D’ESTRËE label gives a singular, graphic, structured and modern look to your everyday looks.

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