Our felt hats are weatherproof, and therefore ideal to protect oneself from climatic risks and from the hassle that comes with winter. Nonetheless, felt is a material that responds to heat and water. If your hat comes in contact with rain, we suggest that you delicately drip dry your hat once you are indoors and to lay it flat and let it dry at room temperature.

If you happen to stain your hat, we recommend steam cleaning followed by gentle brushing. Once dry, your hat will be as good as new and ready to be worn again! Felt being a delicate material, feel free to brush your hat on a regular basis with a small brush that matchesthe color of your hat. This habit will guarantee the hat’s preservation.

To avoid any distortion, manipulate a hat by its crown rather than by its edges and store it upside down inside the original box, shielded from the humidity.

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