This Louise ring in tribute to the artist Louise Bourgeois is made from gold-plated brass adorned with a semi-precious Dalmatian stone. The semi-precious Dalmatian stone adorns a gold-plated brass alloy for a fresh and timeless ring. Graphic, modern and feminine it will be the essential touch to dress your outfits on a daily basis.

This ring inherits the name “Louise” as a tribute to the artist Louise Bourgeois who influenced Géraldine’s artistic vision. Between work on motifs and research of new architectural designs, Louise Bourgeois is undoubtedly the leading artist of the XX. Her work has strongly inspired Géraldine, on the one hand for the originality of her works but also for the place that the “everyday” takes in her works.

Indeed, D’ESTRËE wishes to make art accessible to all thanks to its range of accessories that allow art to be present in our daily lives. After having established itself in the field of hats by revisiting classical forms with a modern vision. It launches into the field of leather goods by offering structured and graphic bags. Then her last challenge is the field of jewellery which mixes asymmetry, modernity and femininity.

“I grew up among art catalogues and was lucky enough to be moved, at a very young age, by museums and galleries all over the world. Explains Géraldine Guyot. So I developed a certain sense of colour and assemblage. Today, art occupies an important place in my life and constitutes the DNA of D’ESTRËE. »

For Géraldine, the accessory is an essential part of a daily or evening outfit. Thanks to the accessory, your personality asserts itself. The D’ESTRËE label gives a singular, graphic, structural and modern look. Our products are transformed into real, colourful, modern and everyday objects of art that will accompany you throughout the seasons.

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