After gathering the best leathers and fabrics as well as the know-how of renowned Italian tanners, D’ESTRËE offers you bags with unique details that will finish your daily outfits. Here are some tips from our designer to take care of your bag:

–  To keep the uniqueness of your bag, be careful not to let it come into contact with abrasive materials.

–  Do not expose it to heat or too intense light for too long, it could lose its colors

–  Remember to put it in its protective bag when you are not using it.

–  Do not carry too heavy or liquid objects, its graphic shape could deteriorate.

–  To preserve the beauty of your bag as on the first day, use a soft, dry cloth frequently. There are also creams for leather (such as shoe polish) that help maintain them gently.


In felt or straw, our hats are all made in France, with the finest materials: rabbit felt, straw in natural sisal. They will be the essential element to finish your silhouette.
Here are some tips for a hat that stays perfect along the seasons:

– To keep its shape, when you are not wearing it, store it upside down.

– To remove the dust that collects on the felt, brush it in the opposite direction to the bristle with a soft bristle brush. The felt will regain its beauty from the first days.

– If your hat is wet, leave it at room temperature and avoid sources of heat or liquid which may deform or shrink it.

– To erase the stains and find an original felt, use talcum powder and then brush it with a soft bristle brush.


Semi-precious stones, gold plated brass and Parisian know-how … Here is the recipe to create our asymmetrical jewels ! We have put together some tips to keep the shine of your jewelry:

– Remember to store your jewelry in their protective case when you are not wearing it. You will prevent them from being shocked and they will remain intact as on the first day.

– Do not hesitate to clean with a soft cloth to bring out the shine of the stone and the metal.

– To keep it fresh and timeless, avoid contact with chemicals or abrasives.

– Keep them away from too strong a light source to prevent the stone from losing its clarity.

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